LED Lighting For Airport Parking & Garages

- Nov 05, 2019-

These areas need special consideration near an airport to reduce glare, and light leakage into other areas.  These light containment issues are best handled early in the design phase using well designed fixtures and photometric data for modeling and simulation.  There is no substitute however for actual testing and tweaking as the real-life situation presents itself.  For this reason, be sure to specify fixtures with known photometrics, cutoff angles, IES model files, and optional baffles to help shape the light output. Our LED products have many light distributions and baffle configurations available and we’re constantly adding more standard offerings; if you need something special it can be provided.  Consult the factory for adjustable baffles useful for testing or as a permanent solution for future flexibility.


Parking lots and connected areas are increasingly adding cameras for passenger safety, surveillance, and increased law enforcement for crime prevention.  These might require an additional infrared lighting component to be added to the visible light, or the lights may need to be kept on at a minimum dimmed level.  When motion is detected on an approaching pathway or access point, lights can be brought up to higher levels, lighting the exit roadway or other control scenarios which can save energy and extend the fixture lifetimes.  Control communication systems include:  power line carrier, RS-485, wireless, and several others. Choices depend on if two-way monitoring is needed, future expandability, open source  compatibility, and distance traveled.  Advanced controls can provide additional functionality, energy savings and increase the fixture lifetime making the system cost return even more attractive.  Contact the Our LED engineering group to discuss your needs and options.


Sometimes a lighting structure or pole penetrates the obstacle limitation surface, which is an imaginary sloped angle emanating from the airfield and traveling upwards and outwards.  Poles and obstacles closer to the airfield can exceed this obstacle limitation surface and require appropriate visual aids to avoid a collision.  One such example is lighting on the top level of a parking garage or tall poles on an apron.  Typically, the top of the pole will need to add an approved obstruction light such as an illuminated red L-810 fixture. Our LED can work with your mounting and custom electrical needs to accommodate many configurations.