LED Lighting For Sports Broadcasts

- Jul 10, 2019-

Nowhere has this been more evident than in high definition broadcasts of sporting events. The major television networks derive more than one third of their ad revenues from those broadcasts. To maintain this cash stream, broadcasters are always looking for ways to improve the viewing experience. Playing surfaces that are illuminated with LED lights will appear brighter and crisper during a television broadcast. Color contrast will be unparalleled and viewers will have a better opportunity to follow the action of fast-moving baseballs with hockey pucks with fewer areas of a playing surface falling into shadows or other dark spots that might hide any action.

LED lighting improves the broadcast quality of a sports event  by providing the playing surface with more uniform illumination, lighting color temperatures that match the capabilities of broadcast cameras, and color rendering indices (CRI) that better replicate natural sunlight.

Non-uniformity of illumination over a playing surface is a problem for both athletes and viewers who are watching a broadcast of the event. The first generations of metal halide and high pressure sodium sports arena lighting inevitably created brighter and darker areas on the playing surface. Those areas required athletes to adjust to lighting irregularities and created shadows that obscured athletic action in parts of a field during a broadcast. Unlike those traditional fixtures, LED sports stadium lighting can be configured to better generate uniform lighting over a large playing surface area, even into corners and edges of a field that were previously hidden by shadows. Networks are better able to attract and keep viewers engaged with a sports contest broadcast if those viewers have a better chance to follow the action on the field.