LED Lighting For The Offshore Industry

- Aug 27, 2019-

The operations on offshore platforms often prove hazardous due to the presence of flammable chemicals and vapors from oil production and other chemical processing. Offshore drilling facility managers have found that LED lighting for the offshore industry needs to be durable, efficient, and rated for compliance with hazardous location classifications.

Worker and facility safety is the foremost consideration for offshore industry lighting. Cary,  based designer and manufacturer of LED lighting products and systems, has several lines of hazardous location lighting fixtures that are ideal for every aspect of lighting for the offshore industry. Our LED’s hazardous location products come with rugged copper-free aluminum housing and tempered glass lenses to resist corrosion, shattering, and breakage. Our products are designed for wide area flood lighting, low-bay or enclosed area applications, and linear lighting for corridors or aisles. Our proprietary double-folded aluminum fin heat sinks also provide passive thermal control to minimize buildup of heat in the fixtures when they are in operation for an extended period of time.

Cary lighting for the offshore industry is also rated as explosion proof per official hazardous location classifications in North America and Europe. This rating means that the company’s LED fixtures will contain any explosions and prevent dissemination of sparks or hot materials that could ignite flammable vapors in any offshore environment with high-risk features such as vibrations, enclosed workspaces, and heavy industrial equipment.

Cary also appreciates that the operating and maintenance costs with respect to lighting for offshore drilling are a significant budgetary line item for offshore facilities managers. The company’s LED lights will produce the same or better illumination with up to 90% lower electrical energy consumption than traditional industrial lighting systems. The rugged construction of those lights combined with the longer lifespans of LED lighting translates directly into lower maintenance costs and less downtime for replacements or repairs of broken lighting systems. Like all LED lights, Cary's offshore lighting products come to full illumination immediately after being powered on, with no ramp-up or other delays. All of Cary's lighting for the offshore industry is rated for 100,000 hours of continuous operations, regardless of the harshness of the environment in which they are installed. Cary’s hazardous location lighting products, for example, are rated for use in temperatures as low as -40oC to as high as +55oC with no degradation or dropoff in light quality or fixture longevity.