LED Lighting Maintenance

- Aug 19, 2019-

LED lighting systems generally require less maintenance than other commercial or industrial lighting, largely because of their durability and efficiency. Regardless, an LED system’s lifespan can be extended and the system’s function and operation can be improved with  periodic lighting maintenance.

Facilities or operations managers can select LED lighting systems on the basis of how much maintenance they are willing to include in a budget. At a minimum, like other forms of lighting, all LED lighting systems will benefit from regular cleaning to clear out dirt, dust, and grime that accumulates in the fixture, particularly if it is in a high-stress industrial environment. An LED system should also be tested periodically to assess the level of its light output in comparison to the quantity of light it generated when it was first installed.

Beyond this basic maintenance, LEDs will generally not be repaired in the same manner as a traditional luminaire. Instead, individual components in an LED fixture are usually removed and replaced when they experience a failure. A facility that is operating with a lower maintenance budget or that needs faster repairs will therefore benefit from an LED system that simplifies removal and replacement, for example, with fixture access panels that allow quick and easy access to different components.