Magnetic Ballast

- Jan 10, 2020-

Main functions of inductive ballast

A).Provide sufficient open circuit voltage to start the lamp;

B).The starting current and working current of the control lamp;

C).To provide a reignition voltage sufficient to maintain the normal operation of the lamp.

The advantages and disadvantages

The ballast has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, long service life and stable operation, but there are also many defects:

A).Non-constant power output: the output power of the inductive ballast varies with the fluctuation of the network voltage. For every 10% increase in voltage, the power increases by 20%.

B).There is a strobe phenomenon with the use of an inductive ballast: the ballast runs at a frequency of 50HZ and the light voltage passes through the zero point 100 times per second, which causes a flicker, but this flicker is generally not easy to see.

C).High self loss

D).Low line power factor

E).Matching lights in the life of color drift, shorten the life of the lamp

F).Large and bulky.