Our Led Explosion Proof Light Are Lesser Heat Emissions And Explosion Proof LED Lights Are Eco-Friendly

- Dec 25, 2019-

Lesser Heat Emissions

Explosion proof LED lights also emit less heat thanks to their heat saving features. This generally reduces the chances of producing sparks which means that flammable gases and vapours in hazardous locations will not be ignited.

Explosion Proof LED Lights Are Eco-Friendly

In addition to their energy saving advantages, explosion proof LED lights do not contain toxic or harmful substances, such as mercury and lead, that are harmful to the environment. Therefore, using explosion proof LED lights instead of traditional lighting fixtures allow businesses to be eco-friendly as well.

As industrial experts, we understand the numerous benefits that explosion proof lighting can bring to your business. Therefore, we highly encourage you to incorporate the use of explosion proof lights especially if your business operates in a confined space at a hazardous location. Moreover, the low visibility and mobility of confined spaces, such as oil rigs and petrochemical plants, makes it necessary to install explosion proof lights in order to carry out maintenance and inspection.