Retail Industry Lighting

- Jul 24, 2019-

To their credit, retailers are not surrendering to this bad news but are looking for better and more innovative ways to get consumers into retail locations. For many retailers, custom lighting solutions featuring LED fixtures are the answer to making stores more inviting to customers and more profitable to operators.

Retailers are well aware that certain types of lighting can make their products look more appealing and flattering while creating an inviting atmosphere in their retail locations. Retail stores in shopping malls use mix and match lighting features, for example, to generate warmer lighting at store entrances to bring shoppers into their stores, and brighter lighting on retail floors to better display the qualities and features of goods that the store sells. In many cases, retailers try to come as close as is possible to natural sunlight to enhance a product display. Achieving the right blend of lighting requires a versatile illumination system. Modern LED lighting systems are a perfect fit for that blend.

Those LED systems, for example, can be color-tuned to highlight specific product colors and features. With new dimmable LED technology, a retail store operator can change the perceived warmth levels of LED lighting without sacrificing performance or economics. Because LED’s come to full illumination illumination almost immediately after being powered on, a store operator can change lighting on the fly, with no lags or delays that might affect a shopper’s experiences. Smaller LED bulbs can be combined with larger lighting fixtures to reduce dark spaces and shadows and to create unique attractions that draw a shopper’s attention to specific areas of a display floor. Unlike online retailing that limits a shopper’s interaction with a product to a few photographs, a physical retail experience with enhanced LED lighting will give shoppers the tactile experience of seeing and interacting with a product before they make their purchase decisions.  

The cost savings that can be achieved with LED retail lighting will go right to a retailer’s bottom line profitability. LED lights will provide the same or better illumination as traditional incandescent or fluorescent fixture with less than half the electrical energy input required by those older-technology fixtures. This energy savings will immediately reduce a retailer’s utility costs. Moreover, LED’s are more environmentally-friendly than other lighting options. Retailers that are looking to distinguish themselves as better stewards of the environment can better fulfill that role with LED lighting.

Led retair lighting works well for any size retail location, from smaller boutique shops to big box stores that typically install metal halide or high-pressure sodium fixtures. They are particularly valuable for large, warehouse-style stores in their ability to replace gloomy or dim lighting with more natural light to reduce the cavernous feel of those stores.

Retail stores have a unique opportunity to gain a competitive advantage with modern LED lighting. The best lighting will be achieved with a custom lighting solution that is designed by a skilled lighting consultant who understands the challenges of retail store lighting.