Should Led Explosion Proof Lights Are Becoming More Specialised?

- Dec 16, 2019-

Today, the attention of manufacturers is focused on LED performance. It is a necessary step for ensuring the development of this technology. We have heard about the quantitative performance of LEDs, such as energy savings and long life. Now the time has come to consider the qualitative performance and help end users understand the possible differences between the many products available on the market.


LED life, for example, can be fully exploited only with quality fixtures and the most important manufacturers who use our LEDs carry out tests on their fixtures. Today, lighting installers in industrial plants must turn to companies which have proper know-how and can suggest the best solutions, also based on the presence of aggressive and potentially dangerous agents for the LEDs.


LED lighting has reached a high degree of specialisation in several sectors. Let us mention the retailing sector, where we can create a lighting system that will enhance the white colour in stores that sell wedding gowns or that can highlight the colours of different types of food products.


In industrial areas, these quality criteria are even more important. In the places where workers spend at least eight hours a day, lights should give a correct perception of what workers are doing and ensure visual comfort. A great number of studies demonstrate how proper lighting in work places, without glare and that provides the right light level (lux), increases productivity.


This performance is difficult to quantify, it is not an immediate measurement, such as the lumen/watt ratio, but these factors are the ones that help differentiate the products on the market that declare the same performance.”