Signify Will Halt Production At Its Factory In Tupelo, And Professional Indoor Lighting Products Will Be Affected

- Feb 02, 2021-

Before the end of 3Q21, the production of its DayBrite and Chloride professional indoor lighting solutions will be transferred to its factories in San Marcos, Texas and Monterrey, Mexico.

This transfer also includes some indoor lighting R&D. Sales, marketing, IT teams and key R&D will continue to run in Tupelo.

According to Signify, due to the transformation in the lighting industry, this change is necessary, which will help Signify to realize synergy effect between production sites and new product development. The efficiency will be increased.

In addition to this adjustment, recently there have been some other changes for Signify, including personnel change and price adjustment.

Previously, Signify announced that David Grinstead, who is in charge of the Canadian market, will retire at the end of January. Martin Stephenson will take on the position in addition to his current role as the leader of North American Systems & Services.

According to information, Martin joined Signify in 2019. He has a lot of experiences in business development, strategy and sustainability.

Moreover, to handle problems such as cost pressures, insufficient supply chain capacity and labor shortage caused by the pandemic, Signify decided to increase the prices of some products.

In the US market, traditional luminaire product price will grow on average by 5%; luminaire, electrical ballast and EvoKits product price will increase on average by 6%; LED lamp and electronic product price will go up on average by 3%. The price increases will be implemented on February 15.

Besides, Taiwan’s Signify also announced a price increase of 3-10%, with the implementation date on February 1. Products with price adjustments include Philips special/traditional/LED light products, Philips LED components and luminaires.