Swimming Pool LED Lights

- Jul 31, 2019-

Every swimming facility from natatoriums designed for competitive swimming events through backyard recreational pools will see benefits from LED’s that could never be achieved with traditional swimming pool lighting.

The refraction of light through water will pose a challenge to any attempts at illuminating a swimming pool. Light fixtures that illuminate the surface of a swimming pool often create glare and harshness from light that reflects off of the water’s surface and that further distorts action that takes place in the pool. Over time, the humidity and chlorine from the pool will corrode traditional metal lamp casings. Swimming pool operating costs are high, and utility costs are generally one of the larger line items in the total package of those costs. For all of these challenges, swimming pool LED lights are the perfect answer.

Even with glare and visibility issues, most competitive and leisure swimming pools can be adequately lit with overhead lighting if that lighting is configured properly. For swimming pool LED lights, configurations and specifications are evolving from wattage per square foot of pool surface to the lumen output of the lights themselves. LED’s and traditional pool lights are not amenable to comparisons based on wattage because of the superior efficiency of LED’s. A 75-watt LED fixture, for example, might generate the same quality and quantity of light as a 500-watt traditional fixture. Designers can therefore use different combinations of smaller swimming pool LED lights to create lighting that illuminates a pool with a minimum of glare. 

The durability of LED lights makes them ideal for underwater installation as well. On average, a swimming pool LED light that is designed for underwater installation might last for 20,000 hours of continuous operations, and in some cases as much as 50,000 hours. Replacing and repairing underwater light fixtures can be time-consuming and expensive. The longer lifespans of swimming pool LED lights means that swimming pool operators will spend less time and money on maintenance and repairs of their in-pool lighting systems. 

The aesthetic possibilities of next-generation swimming pool LED lights adds a further dimension to their appeal. Some LED systems have color-changing capabilities that enable a pool operator to change the hue and overall mood of a pool at different times of the day. While this may not be as useful a feature for competition pools, it can add to the ambience of a recreational pool at a resort or leisure facility.

The cost benefits of LED’s are a key practical reason for the broader acceptance of swimming pool LED lights. A pool operator will realize substantial utility cost savings when traditional lights are replaced with LED’s. Swimming pool LED lights will generate the same levels of illumination typically at less than half the electricity costs that are associated with traditional pool lighting fixtures. The initial material and installation costs associated with swimming pool LED lights can be recovered in approximately two years solely from operating cost savings.