Tesla Dabbles In Lithium

- Sep 27, 2020-

Dabble in lithium ore and build a positive electrode material factory. Tesla's own electric cell is a step closer.

In the early morning of September 23 battery day, in addition to the announcement of five battery innovation technology, Tesla also announced a big news, into the power battery mining.

Tesla has taken the first step in acquiring the right to use 10, 000 acres of clay containing lithium in Nevada.

Tesla eventually hopes to produce 10 to 20 terawatt hours (TWh) of battery power per year.At the heart of the plan is a new Tabless battery that Tesla unveiled on Battery Day, though no more details have yet been released.Tesla also plans to build a new factory in North America that will specialize in cathode materials.

Drew Baglino, Tesla's senior vice President of engineering, said, "We will begin to build our own positive electrode plant in North America, utilizing all the nickel and lithium resources in North America.Localisation of the anode material supply chain and production lines reduces the delivery journey of cathode materials by 80 per cent."He also pointed out that sitting near the anode material plant, will be a lithium conversion plant.

Tesla claims to have a new mining process that is more environmentally friendly than traditional solutions.And, thanks to a new sulfate-free process being developed, cutting the cost of lithium by 33% by skipping the intermediate process.

High-tech Lithium Battery learned that besides lithium resources, In order to ensure the sustainable and stable supply of raw materials, Tesla also made a series of layout in the field of raw material level battery recycling, such as nickel.

In September, Tesla was revealed to be in talks with Canadian mining company Giga Metals(OTC: HNCG.f) to help develop a large mine to secure a source of environmentally friendly nickel.

Elon Musk, Tesla's chief executive, said in July: "If you mine nickel efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way, Tesla will have a huge contract for you for a long time."

In addition, Tesla recently launched a battery recycling service to obtain more battery raw materials.It promises that the discarded lithium-ion batteries will not be disposed of in landfills and will be handled by qualified professionals in the designated factories, and can be recycled 100%.