The Related Information Of Incandescent Bulb

- Jan 07, 2020-

Led explosion proof light -- Incandescent bulb

Incandescent lamp is made according to the principle of thermal radiation, mainly by filament, bubble shell and lamp cap composition.


General Lighting Service Lamps

GLS, short for incandescent lamp for general lighting, is the largest incandescent product.The bubble shell of the lamp has bright bubble, have frosted or milky white again.The power range of the lamp is 15 ~ 2000W, mainly concentrated in the 25 ~ 200W area.

Reflective incandescent lamp

According to the processing method of bubble shell, it can be divided into two types: blowing bubble shell reflective incandescent lamp and pressing bubble shell reflective incandescent lamp (PAR lamp).There are two types of PAR lamps: spotlight and flood.The beam Angle is 5° ~ 60°.Common colors are red, and the beam Angle is 5° ~ 60°.Common colors are red, yellow, blue, green and amber.Due to the high light collection and high light utilization of PAR lamps, the illumination produced by incandescent lamps of the same power is higher.

operating characteristic:

Luminous efficiency

Incandescent lamps operating at the melting point of tungsten (3653K) have a theoretical light efficiency of up to 53 lm/W.Since most of its energy is converted into infrared radiation, the typical incandescent lamp, for example, has a rated lifetime of 1,000 hours, with a luminous efficiency of 8 to 21.5 lm/W.The current of the lamp is very high at the moment the lamp is started.When using large quantities of incandescent lamps, the lamps should be started in batches.

Color temperature and color rendering

Regular incandescent lamps, low color temperature, about 2800 K, have a good color temperature.Incandescent bulbs cover the entire visible region of light, and their color rendering is second to none among artificial light sources, with a general color rendering index Ra=100.