The Structure Of Led Explosion Proof Light

- Dec 10, 2019-

The light shell is used for accommodating LED light source module and LED cooling device, which is composed of a lampshade, a lamp body and a bottom cover. The lampshade is a transparent hood-shaped body and is arranged on one side of the opening of the lamp body, while the other side of the lamp body without opening is connected with a bottom cover. The lamp body is a conical shell with an opening on one side and a space for space inside.

The inner wall of the lamp body is provided with a plurality of cylindrical jacks. One end of the heat pipe is inserted into the jacks, and the other end is inserted into a round hole on the side without opening of the lamp body.

 The LED light source module of the multi-chip integrated package is fixed in the groove of the high thermal conductivity substrate by multiple LED chips, connected by separate series, parallel or series-parallel combination, the fluorescent body layer is excited after the electrified flow, and white light is mixed to form, and then a uniform luminous surface is formed through the lens light distribution design.

The LED heat dissipation device is composed of a plurality of heat conducting tubes, a metal substrate with grooves and a nesting. The heat conducting tubes are arranged in a ring and fastened in the grooves of the metal substrate. After being pressed flat, one end is inserted into the cylindrical socket of the lamp body, and the other end passes through the round hole of the lamp body and is fixed through the nesting.

Described embedded hill is located in the light of the lamp body is not opening in the shell side, described many chips encapsulation of LED light source module is located in LED heat dissipation device on one side of the metal substrate, the circular permutation of the heat pipe is located on the back of the light source module, referred to in the metal substrate and the light body closely, through the metal base plate and the heat pipe heat conduction of LED light source module distributed on the lamp body.