The Transparency Of The Lens Or Mask

- Mar 11, 2020-

The lens of LED lamps plays a very important role in the process of light propagation and transmission to the target light source.The transparency of the lens or mask is usually not considered.Even high-quality, transparent glass lenses that appear completely transparent to the human eye can cause light loss, which many manufacturers do not state.This effect can have a significant impact on the perceived brightness of the final installation.

If not, check whether the lumen output number is "delivered" or "at source" and use the lighting design where possible to get a true reflection of performance.

Designing a luminaire with a high total lumen is relatively easy, but the real engineering challenge comes from the overall design and ensuring that as much of this total lumen as possible is actually "delivered".In addition, this needs to be achieved while maintaining leds with proper thermal management to ensure long life and reliability.