Two New Industrial Oil Mixing Plants In Benghazi And Zawia Approved By NOC

- Jan 21, 2021-

Libya’s state National Oil Corporation (NOC) approved yesterday the establishment of two new industrial oils mixing plants in Zawia and Benghazi. The NOC said these would be needed to meet increased domestic demand.

The revelation came after a meeting yesterday between the NOC and Zawia Oil Refinery at the NOC’s Tripoli headquarters.

During the meeting, the operational processes of the industrial units of the company were reviewed, which included refining units, asphalt factories in Zawia and Benghazi, the oil mixing and packaging plant.

The challenges they face, and appropriate solutions to overcome them, the equipment related to the implementation of the annual overhaul for the first distillation units, expected to start next week, were also discussed.

Zawia Refinery confirmed the continuation of operating the second refining units at 100 percent full production capacity, as well as the continuation of operating the Zawia and Benghazi asphalt factories well within 80 percent load.

Comprehensive explanations on the offers of specialized companies regarding the development of manufacturing and packaging lines in the oil plant, as well as the offers made to establish an integrated plant for mixing oils at the Benghazi Asphalt site, and encouraging technical offers obtained for the implementation of these projects, were also discussed.

During the meeting, NOC chairman, Mustafa Sanalla, explained that pressure will increase on the NOC to import fuel during the stoppage of the first refining unit to carry out the overhaul in light of the scarcity of the fuel budget, indicating at the same time the urgent need for the NOC for the necessary budgets to run the sector’s business.

Sanalla added that it is necessary to raise the rates of industrial oil production lines to cover the needs of the local market, and the importance of speeding up the implementation of the manufacturers in Benghazi and Zawiya in light of the great experience of Zawia in this field, which contributes to supporting the national economy and protecting the consumer by providing high-quality local products.

The attendees also discussed sustainable development projects in the area adjacent to the oil operations in Zawia.