Ultraviolet Lamp Safety Accidents Happen Frequently, How To Avoid Safety Problems?

- Sep 25, 2020-

Why is ultraviolet lamp easy to be "turned on by mistake"?

It is found that the lack of safety training and improper use of products is the biggest cause of the accident.In addition, the fundamental reason is that the emission wavelength of ultraviolet products used for sterilization is mainly 254nm-285nm, which belongs to "invisible visible light". Although a light smell of "drying the quilt" will be produced in the air after long-time irradiation, it will generally not arouse people's attention.This is also why the campus mistakenly switched on ultraviolet lights in the accident, the lights continuously irradiation for 2, 3 hours, sometimes even as long as 7, 8 hours but still undetected.

To avoid safety issues, you can do so

Along with the ultraviolet lamp campus safety accident occurrence, some people put forward, the classroom should not install the ultraviolet lamp.This view, however, is too broad-brush.Compared with the current commonly used methods of school sterilization, there are different degrees of safety hazards.For example, 84 disinfectant, the use of the odor will also cause harm to the respiratory tract.So how does ability avoid the safety problem that ultraviolet lamp turns on by accident?

01 Standardize the use method and conduct safety training

Correct understanding of the effect of uv extinction.Nowadays, the sterilization and disinfection products on the market are basically UVC band products. The irradiation of UVC on bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms will destroy the molecular structure of their DNA or RNA, thus causing DNA chain fracture, nucleic acid and protein cross-link rupture, achieving the effect of sterilization.To this end, in the use of the process, should avoid people and animals and plants in the site, so as not to cause burns, injuries and other hazards.At the same time, signs and warnings should be made when using in public places to remind users to open cautiously.

02 Make the operation intelligent

Secondly, combined with the infrared induction switch, can also avoid to a certain extent by mistake on the ULTRAVIOLET lamp.Infrared sensor switch can be achieved by induction infrared heat emitted from the outside, to realize the automatic control function, a photosensitive control, automatic induction, induction block time, and the advantages of repeatable triggered, apply it to the ultraviolet lamp, to lights, people walk on, at the same time bring convenience to improve the safety of the use of ultraviolet lamp.

Visualize ultraviolet light

However, the infrared induction switch is subject to various kinds of interference, such as various hot gas flow, heat source interference.In addition, if the infrared radiation of the human body is blocked, the infrared induction switch is unable to sense.

At the same time, because the light emitted by UVC products is invisible, the operator cannot distinguish the working state of ultraviolet lamp well in the process of use.Therefore, the visualization of ULTRAVIOLET light and the optimal use of infrared induction switch can achieve both sterilization and safety effects at the same time, so that the ULTRAVIOLET light is more in line with the use needs of the campus.