Understand The Three Light Sources

- Aug 14, 2019-

There are three types of lights that are currently used in warehouses – Metal halide, fluorescent, and LED. Metal halide has been used since the 1990s and is the most likely to disappear from warehouses first. Fluorescent light is often used because it is inexpensive, but requires more energy than LED. The third type, LED lighting, is becoming rapidly popular within warehouses and industrial environments due to its energy and cost efficiency.

LED lights are an extremely efficient source of light. While the price of an LED light fixture may be higher than older technologies, they use less energy which saves costs in the long run. There may also be energy-saving credits available from the utility company with LED use. LEDs are also popular because they can easily be dimmed and customized.

Some people assume that the color of the light is not a factor in a warehouse. This is not true. In fact, lighting color is very important in a warehouse. Workers need to read labels and easily identify materials. The best light color for this is natural light.

Depending on the season or even the time of day, lighting needs may change. Poor color in lights can create discomfort with employees. Unhappy employees can decrease productivity.

Businesses may want to consider investing in timers or dimmers to control the dimming and colour and provide the best warehouse environment for employees. Control switches are also important because they will be more energy efficient than a simple on/off switch.  With timers and dimmers, businesses can run their warehouse lighting more efficiently and cut costs.

Once lights are installed, the job is not over. Lights must be tended to when they are faulty. For example, blinking lights can cause discomfort to employees. Aside from discomfort, the energy cost of a faulty bulb can skyrocket.  Light fixtures should be regularly cleaned to produce the best light. Dirty lenses can reduce the light that reaches the warehouse floor. This can lead to accidents and decreased productivity.

Companies can research the best lighting and options for their warehouses, but if they aren’t purchasing the products from a quality supplier, it may be all for naught. Some suppliers can take advantage of businesses by offering them options that are necessary for their warehouse. Businesses should take time to research suppliers to make sure they’ll have their best interests in mind.