Understand The Warehouse Landscape

- Aug 14, 2019-

The correct lighting in a warehouse can reduce the number of accidents, resulting in a more productive and happier workplace. While happy employees are always a great thing, good lighting has another positive effect – Reduced energy costs.

Before purchasing lighting, the warehouse landscape must be understood. There may be some sections of the warehouse where there is more natural light than others. Less artificial lighting will be needed near windows, doors, or loading docks, obviously but specifications must take these areas into account to fill in the shadows appropriately.

The ceiling space is also important when considering lighting. If a warehouse is utilising high racks, there will be more lighting needed since the material will be closer to the roof. Our Saturn LED High Bay fixture incorporates uplighting to illuminate the dark ceilings of large warehouses. Additionally, lighting must effectively reach the floor to prevent accidents.  Our proprietary optics focus the directionality of the LED light to better reach target areas.

As previously stated, less artificial light is needed in places near windows or doors. While natural light can reduce the amount of artificial light needed, there is still work that needs to be done with natural light. Windows must be kept clean to let in light and kept free of obstruction.

On the flip slide, if too much light is coming into the warehouse, a company may decide to invest in a good set of blinds or shades to let the light in and out as needed.

No matter what type of lighting is used inside a warehouse, quality light fittings should always be used .Companies should avoid purchasing the cheapest option, as these will often have a negative effect and may cause accidents.

Despite having high-quality bulbs, low-quality light fittings can cause the light to end up where it’s not needed. The wrong fittings can project light into forklift drivers’ eyes and cause temporary blindness.  That’s why custom specification can be such a valuable tool when investing in new LED lighting for industrial applications.