University Of Sheffield Spin-out EpiPix Developing Micro LED Technology For Next-gen Applications

- Aug 27, 2020-

University of Sheffield in the UK announced the launch of its new spin-out company focusing on Micro LED technology on January 31, 2020. The company, named EpiPix is developing and commercializing Micro LED technology for photonics applications covering AR/VR wearable devices, 3D sensing and LiFi.

A research team of the university recently published a new manufacture method to develop green InGaN Micro LED. The research team leader, Professor Tao Wang at the University of Sheffield’s Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, and the company are collaborating with global corporations on next generation Micro LED product developments.

This pre-production technology has already been demonstrated for multi-color Micro LED arrays on single wafers with high light efficiency and uniformity. EpiPix is developing robust Micro LED epi-wafers and product solutions for red, green and blue wavelengths with Micro LED pixel size ranging from 30 μm down to 10 μm and with less than five μm diameter prototypes.

EpiPix operates as a commercially-driven technology centre with worldwide exclusive commercial rights to all the Micro LED IP that has been licensed by the company from the University.

Dennis Camilleri, CEO and Director of EpiPix, said, “This is an exciting opportunity, and great timing in the Micro LED markets, for turning excellent science into profitable Micro LED products. We are already engaged with industry customers to ensure that EpiPix aligns with their short-term product requirements and future technology roadmaps.”