Versatile Office Lighting Design

- Jun 28, 2019-

The versatility of LED lights has also opened new opportunities for interior architects to design ceilings, walls, and space dividers with patterns and materials that break away from squares and rectangles. LED lighting can be used to define interior spaces by itself, without physical walls or partitions. World-renowned architects, including Frank Lloyd Wright, used high-back dining room chairs to define a more intimate dining space within a larger dining room. Lighting architects and designers are extending this concept with LED lights that create separate spaces with unique lighting patterns.

Businesses that occupy non-traditional office spaces, including reconditioned warehouses or other storage facilities, may be faced with higher ceilings and irregular space configurations that are not amenable to traditional lighting. Again, LED lights are the perfect solution for those spaces. Ceilings that reach 20 to 25 feet are not an impediment with targeted LED lighting systems that can be installed and structured to cast light into workspaces. Millennial-generation employees, who often find themselves working in these non-traditional settings, can be given control over the specific quality and quantity of light that illuminates their own workspaces in these environments, which will improve employee productivity and satisfaction.