What Factors Affect LED Lifespan?

- Sep 11, 2019-

 No two LED systems, however, are identical. The way that an LED light is engineered and manufactured will affect that light’s durability and lifespan. Solid engineering can extend the lifespan of an LED fixture by several years, resulting in cost savings and a better return on investment.

Unlike traditional lighting systems, LED lights rarely experience catastrophic failures in which the LED fixture fails to generate any light due to a broken filament or cracked casing. Instead, the quality and amount of light from an LED fixture will erode over time as a result of degradation of the LED’s semiconductor circuitry, usually due to heat exposure. To reflect this, the best LED manufacturers will rate their LED fixtures according to how much light the fixture will generate after a certain amount of time in comparison to the amount of light that it had initially generated. An LED light that is rated as L70/50,000, for example, can be expected to generate at least 70% of its initial light after 50,000 hours of use.