What Should Be On The Led Explosion Proof Light Brand Logo?

- Dec 02, 2019-


Brand logo

  • flameproof mark

  • Basic marks: including product name, model, manufacturer's name, registered trademark, delivery date, etc

  • Performance safety sign: include rated voltage, current, nominal frequency, the power of light source and quantity, allowed temperature range (the only - 20 ~ + 40 ℃ is not standard), the application of the specific environment mark (such as applicable to only a certain kind of explosive gas mixture products, shall indicate the name of the combustible gas or formula), the classification of lamps and lanterns marks (such as "number), etc.

  • The number of explosion-proof certificate certifies that the product has passed the official inspection of explosion-proof inspection station. Some products are marked with "x" after the number of the explosion-proof certificate, indicating that the product can only be used under certain special safe conditions, which shall be clearly marked in the lamp shell or the product specification.

  • Additional notes. In addition to the above marks, the detailed instructions necessary for proper installation, use and maintenance shall be given on the lamps, on the built-in ballasts or in the manufacturer's product specification provided with the lamps.