Which Graphics Are Used By Lighting Manufacturers In Hazardous Areas?

- Mar 10, 2020-

There is great uncertainty when comparing lumen output data from different manufacturers.The "delivered" value is considered to be a fairer number to use, but since there are no official standards to follow, it cannot be said that this is the value used by all manufacturers.Determining which number to use is often very unclear and difficult to determine.This is especially true if there is no readily available photometric file that can truly reflect performance.

Imagine a scenario where you are specifying lighting for a project and choosing between two lamps from different manufacturers.What I don't know is that each manufacturer has a different method of calculating lumen output value;Luminaire A USES "light source lumen" and luminaire B USES "output lumen".On the surface, the performance of the two lamps may be very similar, but the reality may be very different.