Why The LED Flood Lamps Are The Good Explosion Proof Lighting

- Sep 12, 2019-


LED explosion proof lights


As an important proof lighting, LED flood lamps play better security and can light up in a flammable environment. In addition, while many also have shown the greatest features and advantages, so are there any aspects of the characteristics?


First, energy efficiency, the LED flood lamps not only has good brightness, but also achieve power saving effect, For the choice of brightness, which can be debed according to the site needs, so for some unwanted glare environment, it surely also plays a significant energy saving.


Second, the environment adaptability. The LED is adopted as the lighting principal of the lighting, so it can play a very long service life, moreover also can allow ourselves to get a strong effect of the use, the LED flood lamps can still maintain a very good job in the rain, dust, strong winds environment, the most important is that it can play a strong impact resistance to ensure without affecting its performance the constantly hit hundreds of times.


Three, easy installation. How to install depends on the needs, if we need high-altitude lighting, we can choose hanging led flood lamps, if it is landscape lighting, then choose wall-mounted, and even if it is attached to a fixed place, we can make that the shell of the LED flood lamps multi-angle rote.